Codependent No More (Using Songs to Tell Part of My Story)

Part of My Life’s Story (In Song Titles)

“The Older I Get” (Alan Jackson) “The More” (Down Here) “I” (Lil Skies) “Realize” (Ours ) “How Sweet It Is,” (Marvin Gaye) “Just” (RadioHead) “Living In The Moment.” (Jason Mraz) “Right Here, Right Now.” (Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) “Truly,” (Lionel Richie), “Present Tense!” (Gaddy Lee)

“Growing Up,” (Machlemore and Ryan Lewis) “That’s The Way I Always Heard It Should Be.” (Carly Simon and Jacob Brackman) “Still,” (Mellrose) “Looking Back,” (Gary Moore) “I’ve Often Wondered:” (Peppermint Harris) “How Did I Get Here?” (Meg and Dia) “What Was I Thinking?” (Dierks Bentley) “Where Have I Been All My Life?” (George Strait)

“Truth Be Told,” (Tossing Copper) “We All Have A Story.” (Haley Klinkhammer) “The Past is Always Present in The Future” (Substantial) “And” (Eden) “Always Will Be.” (HammerFall) “But,” (K. Zero) “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination.” (Dzoan Yang)

“After” (Jim Brickman ) “60 Years,” (The Portugal) “I Have Finally Come to Realize” (Van Morrison) “That” (Tinashe) “I Am Enough,” (Nicole Sheehan) “Just As I Am.” (Mahalia) “Codependent”? (Adema ) “Not Any More! ( LeToya Luckett) “No More” (Metro Boomin ) “Looking Out My Back Door!” (Creedence Clearwater Revival )

“If You’re Reading This,” (Tim McGraw) “Do Yourself A Favor” (Ariel Pink) “And” (Eden) “Write This Down:” (George Strait)

“Life Happens” (Brandon and Leah ) “Time to Start” (Blue Man Group) “Taking Care of Business.” (Bachman Turner Overdrive) “Living for Today.” (Pennywise) “If You Don’t” (Odesza) “The Next Thing You Know You’re Dead!” (Johnny Cash)

“Beginning Today,” (Agot Asidro ) “I’m Back…” (Metro Boomin) “Back to Being Me!” (George Strait) “As Far As I’m Concerned,” (Glen Campbell) “Right Here, Right Now” (Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens) “Equal’s” (Set Your Goals) “A Real Good Place To Start!” (George Strait)

I’m Chris Heider and I’m “Just Passing Through.” (Chris Heider) Blessings everyone!


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